KFS-61088 $75.00 AU Kortek / Sharp Image 25" , 28" & 33"

MSH1FPU07 $85.00 AU Kaga / Nanao 20" MS7-20L

MSH1FAP48 $75.00 AU Super Sprint / Champion Sprint Wells Gardner 20" & 26" High Res

KFS-60291 $65.00 AU Kortek / VLT Machines Etc 14" 19" 20"

1000's of Flybacks available for Computer monitors and TV's Please call.


20" Orion $120.00 AU can be used on almost any 14" and 20" CRT's found in Cocktail machines and Lowboy Uprights

25 / 26 / 33" Wells Gardner , Kortek , Sharp Image to suit most commonly used CRT's All $ 120.00 AU

Replacement SHARP Image Dual Res 15-25K chassis to suit many common 25-38" CRT's $250.00au


New NRI $220.00 AU used in Pinball , Driving games etc

Refurbished NRI coin Mechs for Video Games and Pinball Type $100.00 AU

Refurbished Micromech S-5 and S-6 $ 100.00 AU


We have a huge range of hard to get semiconductors including:

Complete Jap / Euro transistors 2SA , B , C , D range E.G.: 2SD1880 , 2SC3306 etc

Most audio amp modules and vertical deflection circuit IC's E.G.: LA7831 , STK4231II ( Pioneer 100W Amp )

Large range of FET's for Switch mode circuits E.G.: 2SK1358 , 2SK1117, MTP12N20L etc

OPA541AP OP-Amp used in in San Francisco Rush $25.00 ea

High voltage monitor capacitors

Hard to find LM323 5Volt 3Amp Regulators ( Used in Williams / Bally Pinball's ) LM12CLK Motor Driver ( Cruisin USA )

35AMP Pinball Bridges with wire legs KBPC3504W , LM388K ( Regulators used in Cyclone )

12 volt 80 x 80 x 25 ball bearing fan $15.00 ea

Many obsolete and hard to find IC's , Transistors and more , contact us you might be surprised what we have or can source for you


15 AMP Only $45.00 AU

UPDATE Chassis to suit most standard larger TV's from 23" to 38" Available in Dual Resolution UPDATE
Please follow below information for measurements , These chassis can also be setup to replace several common Arcade chassis including
Wells Gardner U5000 , K7400 , Glendale , Rodotron , Pentranic and Kortek.

New Universal Replacement Chassis for 13" to 21" Monitors

This is the all new universal replacement chassis that will fit any CRT , Great replacement for many non repairable Nanao MS7-20L , Kaga KZ-20ES , Orion , AWA , Philips and many others .

Only $145.00 Au

Simply tell us the number of pins the neck board needs and the resistance of the Horizontal and Vertical Yoke coils and we can set up the chassis to suit your application , or simply give us a call and we'll guide you through all the necessary measurements

8 Pin CRT

10 Pin CRT

12 Pin CRT

Yoke / Deflection Coil

Yoke Plug

Set Your Multimeter to Low Ohms ( 200 )Or Auto Measure between Red & Blue and then between Greenand Yellow

Not all TV tubes use the above colours on the yokes, this is not important as in most cases a new cable will be supplied to replace your existing one.
If you have any questions or are not sure please contact me and I will be able to guide you through this process.